A McCreary County woman who is the county’s first person to test positive for the coronavirus has been ordered by a court to quarantine in her home, after refusing health officials’ request that she do so, the Lexington Herald-Leader first reported on Thursday.

The woman’s name has not been released. However, the McCreary County Voice had previously reported that a 20-year-old woman from Pine Knot was the county’s first person to be confirmed with COVID-19, the illness caused by coronavirus.

According to the Herald-Leader’s report, the Lake Cumberland District Health Department had ordered the woman to self-isolate after her diagnosis, but she refused. The health department then asked the office of McCreary County Attorney Austin Price to seek a quarantine order from the court, which he did.

The Lexington newspaper reported that the woman’s companion was also ordered to remain in quarantine.

Reportedly, the health department learned the woman was not staying at home as ordered after people complained to the health department’s public hotline, and on social media.

The woman is the second Kentucky resident to be ordered by a court to quarantine after refusing to stay home. In Nelson County, a man left a hospital after testing positive, against his physicians’ orders, and then refused to stay at home. That led to an order with police stationed at his home to make sure he would stay in.

The Herald-Leader quoted Price as saying that McCreary County doesn’t have enough law enforcement officers to post someone outside her house to enforce the court-ordered quarantine, but that people in the community would likely report her if she ventured outside her home.

There have not been many confirmed cases of coronavirus in the region thus far. In addition to the McCreary County case, there has been one in Scott County — an Oneida teenager who is recovering at home. There have been two cases in Campbell County. No cases have been confirmed in Fentress or Morgan counties.