Twenty Week Hiking Challenge

The Independent Herald’s Twenty Week Hiking Challenge returns for a third time in 2019, with all-new trails and several other tweaks and changes. Over the next 20 weeks, participants will hike more than 70 miles across the northern Cumberland Plateau — mostly in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area, but also in each of the other state and national natural areas in the region.

If you’re participating and you wish to be eligible for prizes, please post photos of yourself at a point of interest along each of the hikes and post them to social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) with the hashtag #20WeekHikingChallenge. On Facebook, be sure to set the post to “public” so that we can find and record the participation of you and each of your fellow hikers.

Each of the hikes is detailed below, and check out more information on the hiking challenge here.

Week 1: Sunset Overlook (2.6 miles)
Week 2: Buzzard Rock (1.1 miles)
Week 3: Bronco Overlook (2.8 miles)
Week 4: Northrup Falls (1.3 miles)
Week 5: Emory Gap (2.8 miles)
Week 6: Litton Farm Loop (6.3 miles)
Week 7: Blue Heron Loop (6.3 miles)
Week 8: Lilly Bluff Overlook (1.3 miles)
Week 9: Angel Falls Overlook (5.8 miles)
Week 10: Honey Creek Loop (5.5 miles)
Week 11: Natural Arch (1.4 miles)
Week 12: Triple Falls at Bruce Creek (2.2 miles)
Week 13: East Laurel Overlook (5.6 miles)
Week 14: Princess Falls (2.4 miles)
Week 15: Middle Creek Loop (3.5 miles)
Week 16: Twin Arches (1.4 miles)
Week 17: Oscar Blevins Loop (3.5 miles)
Week 18: Lick Creek (6.3 miles)
Week 19: Burnt Mill Loop (4.2 miles)
Week 20: No Business Creek (6.2 miles)