From our brand-new, state-of-the-art, patient-friendly Dental & Pediatrics Clinic on Industrial Lane in Oneida, Mountain People’s Health Councils Inc. is proud to offer dentistry for the entire family.

Don’t let the name on the building fool you; our dental clinic isn’t just for kids. We help create more confident smiles in patients of all ages — young and old! We offer a full line of dental services, from cleanings to crowns to root canals to extractions to dentures and partials.

Mountain People’s dental clinic utilizes the latest in imaging technology, including digital imaging and digital scanning. Imaging is done right from your chair, with monitors in each patient area so that your dentist and hygienist can show you amazing, detailed images to help you better understand your dental health. And we use the latest in sterilization methods and technologies, so that you can rest assured that your health and safety are our top priority.

The MPHC dental clinic offers a safe and relaxing environment where every detail is patient-oriented — right down to the music that you’ll enjoy! With two dentists and two hygienists on board, we’re expanding our services and the number of patients we can serve. We’re constantly adapting as new technologies become available.

At Mountain People’s, we realize that health and wellness are linked — your physical, mental and dental well-being are all equally important to helping you live your best life. We strive to meet all three of these needs, and the same sliding fee scale that applies to our health clinics also applies to our dental clinic! We also accept most dental insurance plans … and, did you know that sliding fee scale isn’t just for those without insurance? It works for deductibles, too!

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Mountain People’s Health Councils, Inc.
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