Appalachian Notebook: Classified ads can soar to literary heights – or not

The classified ad listed under a Sporting Goods header in the local shopper piqued my interest. For only $25, I could own an almost...

Appalachian Notebook: Saucer-and-blow method preceded coffee supping

Readers have asked if I would consider re-publishing some of their favorite columns. These scribblings of mine have appeared for almost 40 years in...

Appalachian Notebook: Trendy Appalachian food popularity misses the mark

I’ve been reading in magazines and online about a sudden interest in traditional Appalachian foods and cookery. Seems that urban “foodies” have stumbled across...

The art of spending more and getting less

Doesn’t it seem like we pay more and get less for goods and services? Maybe you haven’t noticed. The disparity would not...

Appalachian Notebook: Gray Wave can help younger generation too

They called themselves Gray Panthers, the Gray Power Movement and other names denoting people over age 65 who banded together for political purposes. Their...

Appalachian Notebook: Storms of dragonflies are meteorological events

Something wonderful happens from time-to-time in parts of Appalachia. It is a natural phenomenon that seems to occur in early fall, when the heat...

Appalachian Notebook: The Evans and a country cooking brand

The name Bob Evans might not carry the same cachet in southern Appalachia that it does in the north, but the chain of country-cooking...

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