Roy: Personal memories of Senator Baker

The first time I saw Howard H. Baker, Jr., in person he was at the meat department at Scott Foods in Oneida with one...

Garrett: Sears’ demise is continuation of changing times

I can’t help but reminisce about Sears.I’m not old enough to remember the Sears Roebuck heyday, but I do remember sitting down in my grandmother’s...

Oden: Yearning for days when fat made grannies proud

One of my co-workers, a young man with a buffed physique and bulging muscles, became a minor celebrity at our employee health fair when...

Our view: Thompson’s obituary didn’t tell the whole story

The obituary was short, simple, and to the point.B. Ray Thompson Jr., who died of a stroke on June 29 at the age of...

Our View: Senate committee was right to reject ATV fee bill

It’s a bit ironic that the Tennessee Senate’s Transportation & Safety Committee was looking out for non-residents of Scott County when it rejected a...

Ledoux championed songs of wide open spaces

Wherever the average day takes me, chances are I’ll go there with musical accompaniment. I listen to music at home, music in the car,...

Garrett: Sports are beneficial to our youth

Is there a better tool than youth sports for helping our children build confidence, develop social skills, and learn life lessons?I would argue that...

Few make lemonade out of lemons like former Vol Johnson

"The moment I figured out that it didn’t matter what happened in my life, God has a plan and is in control, life didn’t...

Garrett: Nancy Swain Watters walk should serve as a reminder

It is likely that some of the children who were assembled for Friday’s Nancy Swain Watters Memorial Walk have suffered some form of abuse....

Hiking is good for the body and the soul

The daffodils are popping, the sun isn’t setting until well after 6 p.m., and interest in hiking is piquing.

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