Cash for Christmas

The Independent Herald’s “Cash for Christmas” holiday scavenger hunt is underway! Each week, beginning with the November 21 edition of the newspaper and continuing through mid December, the IH will give away a $50 cash prize to one entrant who is randomly drawn.

How to Enter: There are 3 ways to enter. One, clip out the entry form that is found inside the Independent Herald and mail it to 19391 Alberta Street, Oneida, TN 37841. Two, clip out the entry form and drop it off at our office, located across from Bethlehem Baptist Church on the “Four Lane” in Oneida. Three, fill out the entry form on this page.

Clues: The clues to each of the 5 questions are found on the pages of the Independent Herald, in the stories and ads that appear on those pages.

Deadline: The deadline for the November 21 edition give-away is Tuesday, November 26. The deadline for the November 28 edition is Tuesday, December 3. The deadline for the December 5 edition is Tuesday, December 10. The deadline for the December 12 edition is Tuesday, December 17.

Let’s play!