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Home News Local News Update: Suspects identified in BSF pursuit, manhunt

Update: Suspects identified in BSF pursuit, manhunt

BANDY CREEK — A pair of fugitives were apprehended in the Big South Fork National River & Recreation Area late Saturday morning, following a pursuit and manhunt that stretched across parts of two days.

Kody L. Terry, 31, of Oneida, and David D. Bell, 22, of Murfreesboro, were arrested in the vicinity of S.R. 297 near the east entrance to the Big South Fork at 11 a.m. Saturday morning.

According to arrest warrants filed by Oneida Police Department, the pursuit initially began on Friday, when officers attempted to stop a vehicle on Coopertown Road west of Oneida.

The warrants stated that officers saw a man — which turned out to be Terry — slump down in the seat of a GMC pickup truck and attempt to cover his face as the truck passed a patrol car on West 3rd Avenue.

Officers caught up with the pickup near Pistol Lane, and the tags came back as registered to a 1998 Chrysler. A traffic stop was attempted, but the driver — later identified as Bell — allegedly fled.

The pursuit continued along S.R. 297 into the Big South Fork, at which point Bell turned the vehicle around and headed back towards town, according to the warrants.

The chase eventually led across Toomey Road to the O&W, and to the end of O&W Road, again entering the Big South Fork.

Bell allegedly attempted to cross North White Oak Creek at the end of the public vehicle access, and the pickup became stuck.

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The two men then fled into the woods, officers said. National Park Service rangers joined Oneida Police Department and the Scott County Sheriff’s Office in searching for the two men.

The following morning, NPS rangers encountered a vehicle with Bell and Terry in the back and conducted a traffic stop on S.R. 297 near park headquarters. The two men allegedly fled into the woods again.

The National Park Service urged visitors to the Big South Fork to steer clear of the Leatherwood Ford and East Rim Overlook areas, due to the ongoing investigation. Approximately two hours later, at about 11 a.m., the suspects were successfully apprehended in an area near the highway.

According to the warrants, Terry told officers that the truck wouldn’t have gotten stuck on the O&W if he had been driving. Bell allegedly told officers that the two men built a fire to stay warm in the night before walking to Jamestown.

Both men were charged with felony evading arrest. Bell was also charged with reckless driving.

Original story: Two suspects apprehended in Big South Fork

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