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Tennessee reports single day record for coronavirus cases

Count Tennessee among the states — like Arizona, Texas and Florida — that are seeing record increases of the coronavirus.

The TN Dept. of Health on Friday reported 1,188 new cases of coronavirus — the most in a single 24-hour period since the pandemic began. With 515 people classified as newly recovered from the virus — also a relatively large number — the number of active Covid-19 cases in Tennessee is 10,971, the most thus far.

The record number of daily new infections came as Tennessee also reported a record number of test results: 15,176 in the past 24 hours. But even with the large number of test results, nearly 8% were positive, substantially higher than the percentage of tests that have been returning positive. Since the outbreak began in Tennessee, about 5.1% of the more than 660,000 tests conducted have returned positive.

There were no new cases reported in Scott County on Friday. The county’s 15th case was reported on Thursday, but no additional information has been released about it. It is the only active case currently in Scott County.

However, a record number of tests were reported in Scott County on Friday: 104 of them — all negative. There have now been 1,084 tests conducted for coronavirus in Scott County.

While there were no new cases reported in Scott County on Friday, there were also no new cases reported in most adjoining Tennessee counties. Anderson County was an exception. Two new cases were reported there, bringing the number of active cases to 21 — the highest yet in Anderson County. Elsewhere in the region, there are four active cases in Fentress County, and three each in Campbell and Morgan counties.

In Knox County, the nearest metropolitan area, there are 174 active cases according to the state health department. However, the Knox County Health Department — which operates independently of the state health department — reports 106 active cases. That’s an increase from yesterday, but it remains well below the state’s total. There are two people currently hospitalized with Covid-19 illness in Knox County.

Tennessee reported six new coronavirus-related deaths on Friday, and 29 new hospitalizations.

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By the numbers: 667,336 people have been tested for coronavirus in Tennessee, or 981 per 10,000 people. In Scott County, 1,084 people have been tested, or 493 per 10,000 people.

• 5.1% (34,017) of Tennessee’s tests have returned positive, including 7.8% (1,188) of the 15,176 new test results reported Friday. In Scott County, 1.4% (15) of the tests have returned positive.

• 6.6% (2,238) of the positive tests have required hospitalization, including 29 new hospitalizations reported Friday.

• Tennessee’s 515 coronavirus-related deaths equates to 23% of the hospitalizations.

• 1.5% (515) of Tennessee’s known coronavirus patients have ended in death.

• 66.2% (22,531) of those who have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Tennessee have recovered, including 582 new recoveries reported Friday.

• There are 10,971 active coronavirus cases in Tennessee, the highest so far. There is 1 active coronavirus case in Scott County.

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