Oneida police last week arrested two people in connection with a break-in that occurred at Mark’s Family Pharmacy just two days before the pharmacy was destroyed in a predawn fire on Thursday.

Mark’s Family Pharmacy, located next door to the Coffey medical clinic on Underpass Drive in south Oneida, was one of four businesses destroyed in the Thursday blaze.

Two people — Kevin Perkins, 43, and Christina Goodman, 41 — were arrested by Oneida Police Department on Wednesday, January 29, and are facing charges in connection with the burglary.

According to warrants filed by OPD investigator Andy Davis, the burglars gained entrance to the pharmacy by busting open the front door. OPD officers Chad Jones and Tony Jones discovered the burglary when they responded to an alarm at the pharmacy on January 28.

The warrants stated that pharmacy owner Mark Byrd was able to retrieve surveillance video showing a man wearing a black face mask and socks on his hands using a hammer and other tools to bust open the glass door.

Inside the pharmacy, the man allegedly took thousands of pills, including 3,100 Gabapentin and 1,700 Diazapam, along with 270 Buprenorphine and Nalaxone pills. 

The man was seen on the video exiting the pharmacy on foot and traveling towards Helenwood Detour Road nearby.

Surveillance video also revealed a silver SUV traveling along Underpass Drive on more than one occasion while the burglary was taking place, Davis wrote in the warrants. 

The investigation eventually led officers to the silver SUV’s owner on Galloway Drive just south of town. There, the owner told them his vehicle had been in the shop and that no one but him uses the vehicle. However, the owner called police back to his residence a short time later, after Goodman allegedly admitted that she had taken his car without permission and used it to drive Perkins to the pharmacy for the break-in.

A subsequent search allegedly turned up dozens of Gabapentin pills from a man who was inside the home with Goodman, as well as a garbage bag containing several other bottles of pills from the pharmacy.

Goodman allegedly admitted to police that she and Perkins had driven to the intersection of Helenwood Detour Road and Underpass Drive near the pharmacy, where she dropped him off and then drove around while waiting for him to return.

Goodman was arrested, and officers traveled to Perkins’ home on Plateau Drive, where they allegedly encountered him wearing a jacket and shoes that matched those worn by the suspect in the surveillance video.

Allegedly, Perkins admitted to breaking into the pharmacy to steal the medication because he needed money to move out.

The suspects were charged with vandalism, burglary, felony theft and theft of a motor vehicle.

Both were transported to the Scott County Justice Center in Huntsville, where they remained in custody on Thursday morning, when a fire destroyed the pharmacy and three other businesses.

Another theft case solved

The pharmacy break-in wasn’t the only theft case solved by Oneida Police Department last week.

On Monday, January 27, police arrested an Oneida man, tied to a burglary at Oneida Heating & Air on West 3rd Avenue.

James R. Brinker, 32, was arrested on felony theft and burglary charges, stemming from the December 11 incident.

According too a warrant filed by Davis, he talked to a former employee of the heating and air business — Brian Duncan —  on January 20, and Duncan admitted that he and Brinker were riding around Oneida in a black Nissan truck when they decided to burglarize the business to obtain money to purchase a pain pill.

Duncan allegedly told police that the pair used bolt cutters to remove a lock from the shop door, and began stealing items inside. Outside, Brinker allegedly cut the hoses on two trucks and removed gasoline from them.

The stolen items were allegedly taken to Brinker’s home on West Lane, while two of the items were pawned. 

In all, the stolen items were valued at $2,430.

In yet another case, an Oneida woman was charged with fraudulent use of a debit card, after allegedly making dozens of unauthorized purchases on a client’s card.

Jatosha T. Chambers Davis, 25, of Oneida, was arrested Tuesday, January 28, in connection with the alleged theft.

According to a warrant filed by Davis, the victim in the case informed police that she had suspicions of someone taking her money, which prompted the investigation. The investigation allegedly revealed that the victim had purchased nearly $400 in make-up from Chambers Davis on August 22, and that her card had been charged a total of 74 times since then, without her consent.

According to the warrant, the card was charged with purchases from Rodan & Fields and associated accounts. Chambers Davis is a consultant with the company.

According to the warrant, the investigation also uncovered another case, with an unknown victim, in which the victim purchased $291 in makeup before canceling and returning the order. After that time, the victim allegedly noticed she was still being charged and approached Chambers Davis to receive her money back, which the warrant stated amounted to $582.