A Kentucky man has been charged in Oneida after allegedly setting his own vehicle ablaze because it had broken down.

Donald W. Meadows, 63, was arrested last week and charged with filing a false report, in connection with a vehicle fire that occurred on Poplar Lane on December 30.

Meadows, whose address is listed as Burnside, Ky., filed a report with Oneida Police Department on January 1, claiming that his vehicle had been stolen.

The vehicle had been discovered burned on Poplar Lane on December 30.

According to a warrant filed by Oneida Police Department Sgt. Toby Jeffers, Meadows claimed that his vehicle had broken down on December 28, and that it had been towed from West 3rd Avenue to an impound lot in Oneida.

Meadows allegedly told police that he paid the tow bill and pulled his vehicle outside the impound lot so that he could retrieve it later. When he returned on January 1, he said, the vehicle was gone.

According to Jeffers’ warrant, the tow truck driver confirmed to police that Meadows paid the towing fee and removed the vehicle from the impound lot on December 30. However, he allegedly also commented that he wished the car “had just burnt.” 

Several days later, Jeffers obtained a statement from Meadows’ girlfriend, who allegedly told police that Meadows had her drive his vehicle to Oneida and told her to “get rid of it.” 

After the vehicle was towed from West 3rd Avenue, Meadows allegedly said he was going to “get rid of it,” and was looking for a location in which to torch the vehicle.

When the woman refused to help him burn the car, Meadows allegedly returned a few hours later and said that he had gotten rid of the vehicle, adding, “Good help isn’t hard to find.