HUNTSVILLE — An Oneida man has been indicted by a Scott County grand jury on a charge of aggravated sexual battery, involving a child younger than the age of 13.

Jason Watson, 49, was among several people indicted by the grand jury when it convened in Huntsville earlier this month. He was taken into custody shortly thereafter by Oneida Police Department. However, the indictment remained sealed until Thursday.

Watson is accused of inappropriately touching a 12-year-old child in July 2019. He is charged with a Class B felony.

The indictment was one of two from the grand jury’s January term that had been sealed. The other remains sealed.

Watson was one of three persons indicted by the grand jury on sex crimes.

Timothy Wayne Nash, the 42-year-old Oneida man accused of attempting to enter an 11-year-old child’s home last year, was indicted for attempted aggravated burglary, aggravated stalking and two counts of violating the sexual offender registration law.

Nash, who was convicted of attempted aggravated kidnapping in April 2011, is accused of watching an 11-year-old girl who lives next-door to him as she got off the bus, then approaching the home — where the girl was alone — and knocking on the door. The next day, after the child got home from school, Nash allegedly used a wooden stick in an attempt to pry open the back door of the residence.

Nash allegedly told investigators that “something came over him and he could not resist himself; he had to try to talk to and be around the little girl.”

Also indicted was Paul Logan Matheny, on three counts of sexual battery, as well as domestic assault and aggravated assault by strangulation. Matheny is accused of sexually assaulting his girlfriend.