HARRIMAN — It was an impressive night for Oneida. It was also an impressive night for Kendyl West.

The Lady Indians defeated Harriman in a lopsided game that wasn’t as close as the 65-41 score indicated, and West was a big reason why. She scored 25 points and had 9 rebounds through the first 2.5 quarters of play before her father — Oneida head coach Marv West — called off the dogs midway through the third period.

At that time, with four minutes to play in the third, Oneida was on top by an astounding 52-13 score. Katelyn Stiltner also had one of her more impressive outings of the season, with 9 points and 9 rebounds.

The score when Oneida’s starters exited the game wouldn’t have been as noteworthy last season, when Harriman was struggling just to score points, let alone win games, in District 3-A.

But this season has been different. Dallas Davis’s club has been moving up the leaderboard in the 9-team district, thanks in no small part to an influx of talent. Last year, Harriman Middle School won the inaugural state tournament in Class A with an eighth grade class that has a promising future for the school’s high school basketball program.

The first half stat sheet told the story of how the game was unfolding. Harriman did not get a shot attempt for more than two minutes to start the game. By that time, Oneida was up 6-0. The Lady Devils didn’t score their first field goal until there were just 90 seconds remaining in the first quarter. By that time, the Lady Indians’ lead had ballooned to 14-2.

In all, Harriman had 13 turnovers in the first quarter, just four shot attempts, and only one field goal. By halftime, when Oneida was up 38-11, Harriman had 15 shot attempts but 19 turnovers. For the game, the Lady Devils had 31 of each – shots and turnovers.

As for West, she scored Oneida’s first 10 points, then had nine more quick points to start the third quarter after going 6 of 6 from the free throw line in the second quarter of what might have been her best game of the season.

Harriman was able to make up a lot of ground after Oneida’s seniors left the floor. The Lady Devils outscored the Lady Indians 19-9 in the fourth quarter to make the game closer than it otherwise was.

Both teams shot well from the free throw line. Oneida was 12 of 15; Harriman was 16 of 20.

Nine different players scored for Oneida. In addition to West and Stiltner, Chelsea Newport and Kelsey Pike each had six points, Jayden Thomas and Faith Cross each had five points, Carol Bell had four, Jayden Thomas had three, and Jacey Manis had two.