A Kentucky man had a clever plan to sneak stolen merchandise out of the Oneida Walmart store, according to court documents. But his plot was foiled and ended the same way as many shoplifting schemes at the giant discount store: with the suspect in handcuffs.

Mark Anthony Brown, 34, of Whitley City, was arrested on theft charges inside the store late Sunday evening. According to an affidavit filed by Oneida Police Department Sgt. David Lee Stephens, Brown was concealing unpaid items inside cheaper items but was busted by the store’s loss prevention personnel.

Allegedly, Brown had placed a V Tech video baby monitor inside a corn flakes box, and a Bi Crosswave vacuum inside an infant car seat. He had allegedly taken bar codes off cheaper items and placed them over several more expensive items.

Brown was allegedly in the process of scanning the hidden merchandise and the concealed bar code items at self-checkout when Stephens made contact with him inside the store. According to the warrant, Brown “spontaneously uttered a confession” to Stephens.