An Oneida man was jailed last week after allegedly allowing his German shepherd dog to attack a woman inside his home.

David Adkins, 62, was arrested on assault charges filed Monday, December 9, after police responded to his home for a 911 hang-up. 

At his 900 Sheppard Road home, Oneida Police Department officers encountered Adkins, who allegedly denied calling 911. According to a warrant filed by OPD’s Andy Davis, patrolman Rachael Thomas asked about a woman who was residing at the home, and Adkins said she was inside asleep.

When Adkins awoke the woman, she came onto the porch and said, “Help me.” She allegedly removed her left arm from her shirt, “exposing a large hole torn in the back side of her armpit,” according to the warrant filed by Davis.

The woman told officers that Adkins “had become aggressive towards her,” according to the warrant, and had allowed the shepherd dog to attack her on several occasions, causing the injury on Sunday morning — more than 24 hours earlier.

The woman said Adkins allowed the dog to attack her on four separate occasions, and that she asked to go to the emergency room but Adkins refused to take her, the warrant added.

Allegedly, Adkins admitted to police that his dog attacked the woman and caused the injuries, but said it was due to her “raising hell” and abusing him.

Officers summoned an ambulance to the home to transport the woman to Big South Fork Medical Center ER for treatment.