In addition to the rules that they must follow throughout the year, registered sex offenders in Tennessee have an additional layer of requirements that they must adhere to on Halloween.

The Tennessee Department of Corrections announced last week its “Operation Blackout,” which is designed to keep children safe from sexual predators during the Halloween season, when kids frequently go door-to-door to collect treats.

TDOC announced it will be stepping up its enforcement policies during the Halloween season.

“Our officers do a great job ensuring that offenders adhere to the conditions of their supervision,” said Correctional Administrator Sue Siedentop. “But during Halloween — when thousands of children are going door to door — our officers will be out in the community to make sure that these kids have a safe night.”

If you are a registered sex offender living in Tennessee, you must:

» Be in your home by 6 p.m. Thursday evening; you are now allowed to attend Halloween functions, such as costume parties, trunk-or-treats or other events.

» Not have any Halloween decorations outside your home.

» Keep your porch light turned off.

» Not distribute Halloween candy.

While the extra rules are in place, TDOC also advises parents to follow safety guidelines to ensure that their children are safe. Among them:

» Go with your child on Halloween night. Or, if they do not have adult supervision, be sure you know where they’re trick-or-treating.

» Check the TBI Sex Offender Registry before you go out so you know which houses to avoid.

» Contact law enforcement if you see suspicious activity.

» If you see a registered sex offender at a Halloween event or with Halloween decorations, notify TDOC by calling 1-844-TDC-FIND.

According to the TBI’s Sex Offender Registry, there are 81 registered sex offenders residing in Scott County, including 25 in Oneida, 17 in Helenwood, 13 in Huntsville, 12 in Robbins, 7 in Pioneer and 6 in Winfield.