Timothy Nash

An Oneida man who is a convicted sex offender was arrested last week and charged with attempting to force his way into a house where a young girl was home alone.

Timothy W. Nash, 41, of Oneida, was arrested by Oneida Police Department officers on Thursday, following an investigation into an incident that allegedly occurred earlier this month.

An 11-year-old girl reported to police that Nash — who was reportedly living next-door — was watching her when she got off the bus after school, and that he attempted to pry open the back door of her home with a wooden stick after she’d gone inside and the bus had left.

On the first day, the girl allegedly saw Nash standing at a window inside the home where he was staying, watching her as she got off the bus and walked inside. Moments later, she told police, he came onto the porch of her home, knocked on the door, and walked around a few moments before leaving.

The next day, the girl said, Nash was again at his window, watching as she got off the bus. Allegedly, she heard something at the back door and walked outside to see Nash attempting to pry open the door with a wooden stick.

According to a warrant filed by OPD patrolman Andy Davis, the girl phoned police because she had heard that “the guy on her porch was a sex offender.”

When police spoke to Nash, he allegedly admitted to watching her get off the bus, and told Davis that “something came over him and he could not resist himself; he had to try to talk to and be around the little girl.” 

According to the warrant, Nash told Davis that on the second day, “he could not control himself again; he had to try to get inside the house to be with the little girl.”

Nash denied attempting to force open the door, allegedly telling Davis that he “was just holding the stick and may have held it against the door.”

Nash was conviced in 2010 of criminal attempt to commit aggravated kidnapping of a minor victim. He is classified as a violent sex offender against children.

OPD’s investigation revealed that Nash — whose address is a Forrest Lane residence — was allegedly living within 1,000 ft. of his prior victim, in violation of the state’s sexual offender requirements.

Nash was charged with two counts of violating the sexual offender registration laws, attempted aggravated burglary, and aggravated stalking.