An Oneida man was arrested twice in one week, accused of shoplifting at two different Oneida businesses.

Kevin Perkins, 43, of Plateau Drive in Oneida, was arrested September 30 and again on October 6, both times accused of shoplifting. In each instance, he was charged with misdemeanor theft.

On Monday, September 30, Perkins was accused of shoplifting from the Dollar General Store in Oneida. According to a warrant filed by arresting officer Andy Davis of Oneida Police Department, he was seen  by employees using a utility knife to cut open merchandizing packaging inside the store. 

When police arrived on the scene, OPD Sgt. Toby Jeffers asked Perkins if he had anything on his person. The man said he did not, but was allegedly found to have ear buds, a phone charging cord and a wallet in his pockets, all of which had  allegedly been taken from the store.

Exactly one week later, Perkins was back in jail, after allegedly shoplifting from the Walmart in Oneida. According to a warrant filed by OPD’s Brett Bond, store personnel saw Perkins removing merchandise from its packaging.

In that case, officers waited at the front of the store and watched as Perkins walked past the registers. When he did, they allegedly found him in possession of a knife, a flashlight, a charging cable and a grooming set that had been taken from the store.

In both cases, the value of the items that landed Perkins in jail was minimal. The total value of the items allegedly stolen from the Dollar Store was $34. The total value of the items allegedly stolen from Walmart was $66.49.

Because he had previously been ordered not to return to Walmart after an earlier shoplifting incident, Perkins was also charged with criminal trespass in the latter. episode.

In a separate shoplifting case last week, a Whitley City woman was accused of taking $26.50 in merchandise from the Dollar General.

Bridget Davis, 52, was arrested Thursday, after allegedly taking several items from the store and putting them in her purse. OPD Patrolman Chad Jones wrote in a warrant that while his fellow officers, Tony Jones and Rachel Thomas, were checking Davis’s drivers license, she began backing away from officers and, when she thought she was out of their line of sight, began removing items from her purse and returning them to the shelf.

Davis was accused of taking two glittered autumn leaves from her purse. Still inside her purse were two cans of Cheese Whiz and two phone chargers. The total value of the items was $26.50. 

Because Davis was slurring her speech and nodding off, she was administered a field sobriety test, which she allegedly failed. As a result, she was charged with public intoxication in addition to theft.