HUNTSVILLE — New bleachers are expected to be in place at both Robbins and Winfield in time for the 2018 middle school football season, which begins in August.

The Scott County Board of Education on Thursday approved a bid for the installation of new bleachers at the two schools, granting the contract to Toadvine Enterprises Inc., of Louisville, Ky.

Robbins’ Reason (Pete) Branim Athletic Field was without bleachers for last year’s football season, and Winfield’s Stanley Field has had inadequate seating since its construction.

The cost of the bleachers is $167,907, which the school district will pay for with reserve funds.

In another measure at Thursday’s meeting, the board approved a $79,000 contract to Oneida’s Stanley Building for a reconfiguration of the main entrance at Scott High School as a way to enhance security at the school. The project will also include improvements to classroom entrances, and additional projects to further enhance security are expected to be forthcoming.

School security has been a major issue in recent months, since a former student killed 17 people in a Valentines Day massacre at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

In the wake of that shooting, and others, schools across the nation have been pushing to beef up security protocols, with many — like Scott High — focusing on efforts to make it more difficult for unauthorized people to enter the school buildings.