An accused thief’s attempt to flee from law enforcement ended when a homeowner held him at gunpoint as the suspect happened across his property Wednesday (Jan. 11).

Tarance J. Jeffers, 23, of Revelo, Ky., faces multiple charges in Oneida following his arrest on Wednesday.

According to warrants filed by Oneida Police Department investigator Dustin Burke, Jeffers is accused of stealing one ATV, attempting to steal another, and breaking into multiple vehicles before he was finally arrested.

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[s2If current_user_can(access_s2member_level1)]Jeffers fell under suspicion somewhat by chance, after driving a Yamaha Rhino ATV he had allegedly stolen onto Sandcut Road and attempting to access the Norfolk-Southern Railroad tracks.

According to the warrants, Burke was on his way to Winfield to transport a prisoner for Oneida chief of police Darryl Laxton when he noticed Jeffers operating the ATV on the roadway. Burke wrote that he attempted to stop Jeffers to tell him that he could not drive the ATV on the railroad tracks, but Jeffers refused to stop.

Burke was able to cut off Jeffers, but Jeffers allegedly reversed course and ultimately was able to elude Burke. However, when Jeffers reached Poplar Lane in Winfield, he was stopped by a passing train and allegedly abandoned the Rhino.

Moments later, authorities were notified that a homeowner on Poplar Lane was holding Jeffers at gunpoint in the homeowner’s front yard.

The investigation ultimately revealed that Jeffers had stolen the ATV, and that he had attempted to steal a second ATV from the KY-TN Pawn Shop at the intersection of Alberta Street and Bear Creek Road. However, when the ATV — a Yamaha Warrior — ran out of gas, Jeffers allegedly abandoned it behind the pawn shop. While at the pawn shop, Jeffers allegedly broke into a pickup truck and stole a pair of rubber boots, which he was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Prior to those thefts, Jeffers allegedly broke into a vehicle at the abandoned Scenic Raceway north of Oneida, stealing a jacket and machete.

Jeffers was charged with theft over $1,000, two counts of theft under $1,000, two counts of burglary, felony evading arrest and criminal trespassing.

As a result of the investigation, Jeffers was also linked with an auto theft that occurred at the pawn shop on Christmas evening.

According to a warrant filed by Burke, workers at the pawn shop identified Jeffers as being a man captured on surveillance video as he took a 1996 Ford Ranger from the shop shortly before midnight Christmas evening.

Jeffers allegedly told investigators that he did not steal the truck, but led them to its location at a tow yard in Kentucky. Jeffers claimed that he found the vehicle abandoned at a church in  Pine Knot, Ky. That led to an additional charge of theft over $1,000.[/s2If]