The sale of Scott County Hospital from Mississippi-based Pioneer Health Services to Florida-based Rennova Health Inc. has been finalized.

Tony Taylor, who is overseeing the transition process and will serve as CEO of the hospital when it reopens later this year, told the Independent Herald Friday afternoon that the bill of sale on the hospital has been signed.

A bankruptcy court in Mississippi approved the sale on Dec. 23.

Rennova — a medical diagnostics company venturing into the hospital industry for the first time — has already begun the process of preparing for the hospital’s reopening, which it hopes to accomplish by April. Taylor said earlier this month that the hospital’s management team should be in place by month’s end, and that the hospital will begin hiring the remainder of its staff in the weeks thereafter.

The hospital is expected to employ up to 100, with about 70 percent of those being full-time, and Taylor said that most of Pioneer’s staff that wishes to return will be rehired by Rennova.

As part of its pre-opening preparations, Rennova has said it will invest $500,000 in capital upgrades to the facility, including aesthetics improvements on the outside and some remodeling on the inside.

According to court documents, Rennova’s cash price for the hospital facility was $600,000, although other considerations — such as assumed indebtedness and liabilities — were included.