HUNTSVILLE, Tenn. — The Scott County Sheriff’s Department is seeking the public’s help solving a burglary that occurred in the Helenwood community Wednesday, May 22.

According to a report released by the Sheriff’s Department, the burglary occurred on Skyview Drive — near the Scott County Visitors Center — sometime around 2 p.m. Wednesday.

The report stated that the homeowner’s son was awoken by someone “rattling the door.” He texted his mother to let her know and, when she arrived home later, she discovered the door standing open.

According to the report, filed by SCSD deputy Chip Gagne, the door had been forced open. Only the homeowner’s bedroom had items taken from it, the report stated. Among the items taken was a Remington rifle, along with approximately 200 pieces of jewelry and $50 in change.

The rifle taken from the home is a Remington 700 in a .270 caliber with a wood stock, equipped with either a Tasco or Simmons scope. The rifle is valued at $450.

The jewelry taken from the home was valued at $8,000. A detailed description was not immediately available.

Sheriff Cross said investigators believe that whomever burglarized the home will attempt to sell the stolen items.