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A trio of suspects from Somerset, Ky., were arrested Thursday on methamphetamine-related charges following a traffic stop in Oneida.

Rebecca A. Shelton, 28, Ronnie Miller, 42, and Brittany L. Meece, 22, were all charged with promoting the manufacture of methamphetamine after being arrested during the course of a traffic stop on U.S. Hwy. 27 in Oneida Thursday evening.

According to arrest warrants filed by Oneida Police Departmentís Steven Ward, the trio were passengers in a vehicle he stopped for a violation of Tennesseeís window tint restrictions and a missing mirror.

Allegedly, the carís driver, Danny Goodman, told Ward that he was transporting the vehicleís occupants to a local pharmacy.

The warrants state that Ward discovered a box of pseudoephedrine — a key component of meth — in Miller’s back pocket. Allegedly, both Shelton and Meece also had boxes of pseudophedrine concealed on their person.

Goodman was cited into court and released.